Learning in the Africanized honey bee: Apis mellifera L.

  title={Learning in the Africanized honey bee: Apis mellifera L.},
  author={Charles Abramson and Italo S Aquino and Marcio H C Silva and Joseph M. Price},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={62 3},
Several series of experiments are reported that investigate learning in the Africanized honey bee. In the first series, classical conditioning of proboscis extension was studied by confining bees to small metal tubes where they received pairings of an odor with a 3-s feeding of sucrose. After a number of odor-sucrose pairings, the bees began to extend their proboscis to the odor. Controls include Unpaired, Discrimination, and Pseudoconditioning Groups. This technique was used to look at… CONTINUE READING
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