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Learning how to teach.

  title={Learning how to teach.},
  author={J. Stenton},
  journal={Nursing mirror and midwives journal},
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  • J. Stenton
  • Published 1973
  • Medicine
  • Nursing mirror and midwives journal
Development of Subject Specific Pedagogy (SSP) Based on the Scientific Reading Based Project (SRBP) Model Empowering Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
This study aims to produce a Subject Specific Pedagogy (SSP) based on the Scientific Reading Based Project (SRBP) model of the Science Base Concept Course for empowering critical and creativeExpand
Effect of Interactive Instructional Strategy (TAVI) on Junior Secondary School Students’ Mathematics Achievement
The study investigated the improving Junior Secondary School (JSS) Students’ Mathematics Achievement through Team-Assisted Visual Instruction. A 2x2x2 non- randomised control group Pre-test andExpand
Generative Teaching Networks: Accelerating Neural Architecture Search by Learning to Generate Synthetic Training Data
Generative Teaching Networks may represent a first step toward the ambitious goal of algorithms that generate their own training data and, in doing so, open a variety of interesting new research questions and directions. Expand
Addressing the Loss-Metric Mismatch with Adaptive Loss Alignment
This work proposes a sample efficient reinforcement learning approach for adapting the loss dynamically during training and empirically shows how this formulation improves performance by simultaneously optimizing the evaluation metric and smoothing the loss landscape. Expand
  • 2019
This paper investigates the intriguing question of whether we can create learning algorithms that automatically generate training data, learning environments, and curricula in order to help AI agentsExpand
Dialogic professional learning for Israeli teachers: A narrative inquiry
Situated in a period of educational standardisation, this critical, reflexive practitioner inquiry investigates ten Israeli primary school teachers’ experiences and understandings of their learning.Expand
The Effects of Learning Model and Achievement Motivation on Natural Science Learning Outcomes of Students at State Islamic Elementary Schools in Medan, Indonesia
The research aimed to study the effects of learning model and achievement motivation on natural science learning outcomes. It was a 2 x 2 factorial experimental design. The research was conducted atExpand
Evaluation of the Learning to Teach for Social Justice–Beliefs Scale in an Australian context
A concern for social justice pervades the espoused curriculum of many pre-service teaching programmes, but the extent to which that curriculum influences the beliefs students hold is an openExpand
A systematic quantitative literature review of pre‐service teachers’ sense of belonging during school‐based experience
School-based experience—which features in many initial teacher education programs around the globe—is one of the most influential factors concerning pre-service teachers’ professional development andExpand
Learning to Reweight with Deep Interactions
This work proposes an improved data reweighting algorithm, in which the student model provides its internal states to the teacher model, and the teachermodel returns adaptive weights of training samples to enhance the training of theStudent model. Expand