Learning from Seneca: a Stoic perspective on the art of living and education

  title={Learning from Seneca: a Stoic perspective on the art of living and education},
  author={Leendert F. Groenendijk and Doret J. de Ruyter},
  journal={Ethics and Education},
  pages={81 - 92}
There is an increasing interest in publications about the sources of meaning in life; books about the art of living are immensely popular. This article discusses whether one of the ancient predecessors of current ‘art of living’ theories, the Stoa and more particularly Seneca, can be of interest to educators today. Seneca's explicit writings on education are relatively few, but in his letters to his friend Lucilius we find several ideas as to how educators can assist students to become wise and… 
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  • J. Chandra
  • Education, Art
    The Indian Medical Gazette
  • 1912
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