Learning distributed caching strategies in small cell networks

  title={Learning distributed caching strategies in small cell networks},
  author={Avik Sengupta and SaiDhiraj Amuru and Ravi Tandon and R. Michael Buehrer and T. Charles Clancy},
  journal={2014 11th International Symposium on Wireless Communications Systems (ISWCS)},
Caching has emerged as a vital tool in modern communication systems for reducing peak data rates by allowing popular files to be pre-fetched and stored locally at end users' devices. With the shift in paradigm from homogeneous cellular networks to the heterogeneous ones, the concept of data offloading to small cell base stations (sBS) has garnered significant attention. Caching at these small cell base stations has recently been proposed, where popular files are pre-fetched and stored locally… CONTINUE READING
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