[Learning behavior of rats on the water maze (author's transl)].

  • O Ishizaki
  • Published 1978 in Jikken dobutsu. Experimental animals


The Learning behavior on a water maze was observed in Wistar-JCL rats which were 10 weeks of age at the beginning of tests. Each rat was given five swimming trials in a straightway on the first day, as well as daily five trials to escape from a water maze on the 2nd to 4th day of the tests. In the first trial of the straightway, the harmonic means of the swimming time were 12.0 and 17.4 seconds in the male and females, respectively. In each trial of the water maze, there were no significant differences between the female on the spent time and the number of errors. During the test days, the median of total of errors were 25.2 and 24.3 times in the male and female, respectively. Error response entered into a blind alley occurred beside the starting point more frequently than the goal.

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