Learning a Channelized Observer for Image Quality Assessment


It is now widely accepted that image quality should be evaluated using task-based criteria, such as human-observer performance in a lesion-detection task. The channelized Hotelling observer (CHO) has been widely used as a surrogate for human observers in evaluating lesion detectability. In this paper, we propose that the problem of developing a numerical… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/TMI.2008.2008956

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@article{Brankov2009LearningAC, title={Learning a Channelized Observer for Image Quality Assessment}, author={Jovan G. Brankov and Yongyi Yang and Liyang Wei and Issam El-Naqa and Miles N. Wernick}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging}, year={2009}, volume={28}, pages={991-999} }