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Learning Word-Level Confidence For Subword End-to-End ASR

  title={Learning Word-Level Confidence For Subword End-to-End ASR},
  author={David Qiu and Qiujia Li and Yanzhang He and Y. Zhang and Bo Li and L. Cao and Rohit Prabhavalkar and Deepti Bhatia and Wei Li and Ke Hu and T. Sainath and Ian McGraw},
We study the problem of word-level confidence estimation in subword-based end-to-end (E2E) models for automatic speech recognition (ASR). Although prior works have proposed training auxiliary confidence models for ASR systems, they do not extend naturally to systems that operate on word-pieces (WP) as their vocabulary. In particular, ground truth WP correctness labels are needed for training confidence models, but the non-unique tokenization from word to WP causes inaccurate labels to be… Expand
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