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Learning Spanish with Babbel Report on the findings of an efficacy study conducted

  title={Learning Spanish with Babbel Report on the findings of an efficacy study conducted},
  author={Daniel R. Isbell}



​ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012

  • ​Retrieved from https://www.actfl.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/public/ACTFLProficiencyGuidelines2012_F INAL.pdf American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. (2016). ​Assigning CEFR ratings to
  • 2012

Using the ACTFL OPIc to assess proficiency and monitor progress in a tertiary foreign languages program

Language tests are useful for many purposes, including monitoring language learning progress and evaluating language programs. This study investigated the interpretations and usefulness of the

L2 Speaking Development During Study Abroad: Fluency, Accuracy, Complexity, and Underlying Cognitive Factors

We take a multidimensional perspective on the development of second language (L2) speaking ability and examine how changes in the underlying cognitive variables of linguistic knowledge and processing

Comparing the OPI and the OPIc: The Effect of Test Method on Oral Proficiency Scores and Student Preference

While studies have been done to rate the validity and reliability of the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Oral Proficiency Interview–Computer (OPIc) independently, a limited amount of research

Lextale-Esp: A Test to Rapidly and Efficiently Assess the Spanish Vocabulary Size.

The present study discusses the development of a Spanish version of the LexTALE test, Lextale-Esp, which discriminated well at the high and the low end of Spanish proficiency and returned a big difference between the vocabulary size of Spanish native and non-native speakers.

“I don't know how to use words in Spanish”: Rosetta Stone and Learner Proficiency Outcomes

The article looks at the effectiveness of online foreign language learning systems, focusing on the language learning program Rosetta Stone. The author outlines her research, which compared the

The Babbel efficacy study [white paper

  • 2016

Examination evaluation of the ACTFL OPIc® in Arabic

  • 2015