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Learning Deep Face Representation

  title={Learning Deep Face Representation},
  author={Haoqiang Fan and Zhimin Cao and Yuning Jiang and Qi Yin and Chinchilla Doudou},
  • Haoqiang Fan, Zhimin Cao, +2 authors Chinchilla Doudou
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Face representation is a crucial step of face recognition systems. An optimal face representation should be discriminative, robust, compact, and very easyto-implement. While numerous hand-crafted and learning-based representations have been proposed, considerable room for improvement is still present. In this paper, we present a very easy-to-implement deep learning framework for face representation. Our method bases on a new structure of deep network (called Pyramid CNN). The proposed Pyramid… CONTINUE READING
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