Learned Control of Cardiovascular Integration in Man Through Operant Conditioning

  title={Learned Control of Cardiovascular Integration in Man Through Operant Conditioning},
  author={G. Schwartz and D. Shapiro and B. Tursky},
  journal={Psychosomatic Medicine},
  • G. Schwartz, D. Shapiro, B. Tursky
  • Published 1971
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychosomatic Medicine
  • &NA; In previous research, it has been shown that subjects can learn to increase or decrease their systolic blood pressure without corresponding changes in heart rate, or they can learn to increase or decrease their heart rate without corresponding changes in blood pressure. The present paper outlines a method for directly conditioning a combination of two autonomic responses. A system was developed which, at each heart cycle, determines on line whether heart rate and blood pressure are… CONTINUE READING
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