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Learnable Classes of Categorial Grammars

  title={Learnable Classes of Categorial Grammars},
  author={Makoto Kanazawa},
The dissertation investigates learnability of various classes of classical categorial grammars within the Gold paradigm of identification in the limit from positive data. Both learning from functor-argument structures and learning from flat strings are considered. The class of rigid grammars, the class of k-valued grammars (k = 2, 3, ...), the class of least-valued grammars, and the class of least-cardinality grammars are shown to be learnable from structures, and the class of rigid grammars… 
A Learnable Class of Classical Categorial Grammars from Typed Examples
The main result is that for every CCG, a new subclass of CCGs with good properties from a language-theoretic point of view is defined.
Finding Consistent Categorial Grammars of Bounded Value: A Parameterized Approach
Kanazawa ([8]) has studied the learnability of several parameterized families of classes of categorial grammars. These classes were shown to be learnable from text, in the technical sense of
Fast Learning from Strings of 2-Letter Rigid Grammars
The class of 2-letter rigid grammars is studied and it is shown thatgrammars in this class can be learned very efficiently, within Gold's paradigm of identification in the limit, from positive examples.
A Learnable Class of CCGs from Typed Examples
A new way of considering learning Categorial Grammars from semantic knowledge is presented, and the hypothesis that semantic types, in the usual sense, are general information making a distinction between facts, is made.
Identification in the limit of categorial grammars
It is proved that for any k, the class of classical categorial grammars that assign at most k types to each symbol in the alphabet is learnable, in the Gold (1967) sense of identification in the
k-Valued non-associative Lambek grammars are learnable from generalized functor-argument structures
Categorial Module Grammars of Bounded Size have Finite Bounded Density
A definition of categorial module grammars is provided and it is shown that relevant subclasses of it, most notably those of the grammARS whose size is bounded by some n ∈ N and minimal for a given sample, are learnable in Gold's model by applying Shinohara's theorem on the finite bounded density of their grammar system.
Categorial grammars with iterated types form a strict hierarchy of k-valued languages
Learning reversible categorial grammars from structures
This work defines the class of reversible classical categorial grammars, similar in the spirit to the notion of reversible class of languages introduced by Angluin and Sakkakibara, and shows that the class is identifiable from positive structured examples.