Lean, six sigma, and the systems approach: Management initiatives for process improvement

  title={Lean, six sigma, and the systems approach: Management initiatives for process improvement},
  author={Robert B. Pojasek},
  journal={Environmental Quality Management},
  • R. Pojasek
  • Published 1 December 2003
  • Business
  • Environmental Quality Management
As the discussion below makes clear, both lean and six sigma work best when they are implemented using the structured decision-making tools featured in the Systems Approach for Process Improvement.TM The Systems Approach enhances both lean and six sigma -and can even help integrate the two methodologies. For an explanation of how the Systems Approach is implemented, see Exhibit 1. For brief descriptions of the tools commonly used in the Systems Approach, see my winter 2002 “Quality Toolbox… 

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  • Pankaj M. Madhani
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    International Journal of Project Management and Productivity Assessment
  • 2020
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