Leakiness of genetic markers and susceptibility to post-plating mutagenesis inEscherichia coli

  title={Leakiness of genetic markers and susceptibility to post-plating mutagenesis inEscherichia coli},
  author={Rajshri Jayaraman},
  journal={Journal of Genetics},
WhenEscherichia coli strain AB1157 is subjected to starvation for threonine or leucine on solid media, threonine-independent or leucine-independent colonies continue to emerge for several days after plating. This process is strongly streptomycin dependent. Under identical conditions arginine-independent colonies do not arise when arginine starvation is imposed. Since thethr1 andleuB6 alleles of AB1157 could be classified as ‘leaky’ while theargE3 allele cannot be so classified, there seems to… CONTINUE READING


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