Leakage in roots coronally sealed with different temporary fillings.

  title={Leakage in roots coronally sealed with different temporary fillings.},
  author={Claudia Roxane Barthel and A Strobach and H. Briedigkeit and Ulf Berthold G{\"o}bel and Jean François Roulet},
  journal={Journal of endodontics},
  volume={25 11},
This study was aimed at determining the ability of different coronal temporary fillings to prevent corono-apical penetration of bacteria. A total of 103 human teeth, including three controls, were instrumented, obturated with gutta-percha, coronally sealed with either Cavit, Intermediate Restorative Material (IRM), glass-ionomer cement, Cavit/glass-ionomer cement, or IRM/glass-ionomer cement, respectively. Each root was fixed with wax between two chambers: the coronal chamber harboring soy… CONTINUE READING

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