Leakage-Resilient Cryptography From the Inner-Product Extractor

  title={Leakage-Resilient Cryptography From the Inner-Product Extractor},
  author={Stefan Dziembowski and S. Faust},
  journal={IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch.},
  • Stefan Dziembowski, S. Faust
  • Published 2011
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch.
  • We present a generic method to secure various widely-used cryptosystems against arbitrary side-channel leakage, as long as the leakage adheres three restrictions: first, it is bounded per observation but in total can be arbitrary large. Second, memory parts leak independently, and, third, the randomness that is used for certain operations comes from a simple (non-uniform) distribution. As a fundamental building block, we construct a scheme to store a cryptographic secret such that it remains… CONTINUE READING
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