Leaflet reconstructive techniques for aortic valve repair.

  title={Leaflet reconstructive techniques for aortic valve repair.},
  author={Domenico Mazzitelli and Christof Stamm and James S. Rankin and Steffen Pfeiffer and Theodor J. M. Fischlein and Jan Pirk and Y Choi and Christian Detter and Johannes Kroll and Friedhelm Beyersdorf and Malakh Lal Shrestha and Christian Schreiber and R{\"u}diger Lange},
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BACKGROUND Refining leaflet reconstruction has become a primary issue in aortic valve repair. This descriptive analysis reviews leaflet pathology, repair techniques, and early results in a prospective regulatory trial of aortic valve repair. METHODS Sixty-five patients underwent valve repair for predominant moderate to severe aortic insufficiency (AI… CONTINUE READING