Leaf-litter decomposition of 15 tree species in a lowland tropical rain forest in Sarawak: decomposition rates and initial litter chemistry

  title={Leaf-litter decomposition of 15 tree species in a lowland tropical rain forest in Sarawak: decomposition rates and initial litter chemistry},
  author={Muneto Hirobe and John Sabang and Balram K. Bhatta and Hiroshi Takeda},
  journal={Journal of Forest Research},
In a lowland tropical rain forest in Sarawak, leaf-litter decomposition and the initial litter chemistry of 15 tree species were studied. During 13 months of field experiment, weight loss of litter samples was between 44% and 91%, and calculated decomposition rate constants (k) ranged from 0.38 to 2.36 year−1. The initial litter chemistry also varied widely (coefficients of variation: 19%–74%) and showed low N and P concentrations and high acid-insoluble residue (AIS) concentration. For… CONTINUE READING
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