Leaf blight of Elaeocarpus glabripetalus and its pathogen

  title={Leaf blight of Elaeocarpus glabripetalus and its pathogen},
  author={Sun Chao and Lou Bing-gan and Huagang Office},
Elaeocarpus glabripetalus (Elaeocarpaceae) is widely cultivated as an ornamental tree in southern China. Since 2003, a leaf blight has seriously occurred on the plants in Hangzhou area, Zhejiang Province. The rate of the diseased plant was more than 20%. The disease mainly infects the top of plants in spring and autumn, causing twigs growing slowly, degenerating and even wilting to death of the whole plants. The causal agent was identified as Guignardia mangiferae (anamorph: Phyllosticta… CONTINUE READING