Leading from the Engine Room

  title={Leading from the Engine Room},
  author={Cat Kutay and Elyssebeth Leigh},
This paper explores relationships and challenges facing teams creating simulation-based learning environments. Drawing on our experience of governance within Australian Indigenous cultures and specific work incidents as case studies, we explore tensions, triumphs and insights occurring during collaborative ventures intended to produce online learning activities. Our view is ‘from the engine room’ - at that point where technology and design expertise reframe creative ‘story boards’ into… 


A practitioner researcher perspective on facilitating an open, infinite, chaordic simulation : learning to engage in theory while putting myself into practice
This thesis aims to draw out what it means to be a Practitioner Researcher through my engagement as a facilitator of simulations and games through the utilisation of the term PratitionerResearcher to reflect the unity of practice and research activity in creating ‘working knowledge’.
Flipped Learning not Flopped Learning
Context Introducing Flipped Learning across the University of Technology Sydney was trialled and raised concerns on how to implement such a teaching program in skill-based subjects that had strong elements of core competencies centred on communication, understanding and critical analysis.
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Teaching Aboriginal culture online: Sustaining traditions of knowledge sharing
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The Complete Facilitator's Handbook
Dimensions and modes of facilitation authority, autonomy and holism whole person learning the group dynamic the planning dimension the meaning dimension co-operative inquiry peer review audit peer
Stages of Small-Group Development Revisited
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Some Thoughts about the Philosophical Underpinnings of Aboriginal Worldviews
Indigenous Australian philosophy is more than just a survivalist kit to understanding nature, human or environmental, but is also a system for realising the fullest potential of human emotion and
Managing the development of large software systems
I have had various assignments during the past years, mostly concerned with the development of software packages for spacecraft mission planning, commanding and post-flight analysis, and I have become prejudiced by my experiences and is going to relate some of these prejudices in this presentation.