Leading a conspecific away from food in ravens (Corvus corax)?

  title={Leading a conspecific away from food in ravens (Corvus corax)?},
  author={T. Bugnyar and K. Kotrschal},
  journal={Animal Cognition},
  • T. Bugnyar, K. Kotrschal
  • Published 2003
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Animal Cognition
  • Active misleading of conspecifics has been described as a social strategy mainly for primates. Here we report a raven leading a competitor away from food in a social foraging task. Four individuals had to search and compete for hidden food at color-marked clusters of artificial food caches. At the beginning of the experiment, a subordinate male found and exploited the majority of the food. As a result, the dominant male displaced him from the already opened boxes. The subordinate male then… CONTINUE READING
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