Leadership of Xi Jinping behind Unstoppable Sustainable Economic Growth of China

  title={Leadership of Xi Jinping behind Unstoppable Sustainable Economic Growth of China},
  author={Bablu Kumar Dhar and Mahazan Abdul Mutalib},
  journal={Institutions \& Transition Economics: Macroeconomic Issues eJournal},
Xi Jinping's new era of socialist economic thought, rooted in the great practice of China's economic construction, systematically explains the issue of China's economic development and reform, and clearly answers the important questions of how the economic situation is to be judged, how to judge the development stage, how to determine the development goals, and how to do economic work. Xi Jinping's new era of the socialist economy with Chinese characteristics, system integrity, broad depth… 

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Inside the Mind of Xi Jinping

  • Aron Shai
  • Art
    Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs
  • 2018
In this biography, Francois Bougon, an economics correspondent at Le Monde and an Asia specialist, attempts to examine the mind of Xi Jinping through historical, political, and personal accounts of