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Leadership in project management

  title={Leadership in project management},
  author={Riyue Xiong},
  • R. Xiong
  • Published 19 November 2008
  • Political Science
The Link between Project Management Leadership and Project Success
The main endeavor of this thesis paper was to explore and uncover the correlations between leadership competencies and productive performance in project management. The aspiration was to shed lightExpand
The Effect of Leading Behavior and Style of Project Manager on the Retention of Skillful ICT Project Workers
Talent turnover is a threat to different industries, and ICT industry is one industry sector that suffers the highest turnover rate of its skillful ICT project workers. Even though practitioners anExpand
Key Success Factors for Managing Projects
The use and management of projects has risen to a new prominence, with projects seen as critical to economic in both the private and public sectors due challenging and dynamic business environment.Expand
Implementation of a Successful Project Management Method to Serve Modern Organizations
The project management arena requires much knowledge, many skills, techniques, tools, and a high level of experience in order to achieve satisfactory results and to add value to organizations. TheExpand
IT Project Teams and Their Leaders: Interaction Expectations
Information Technology projects, such as developing new information systems, or transforming existing systems, are expensive and risky. The cost of failure is high. These projects are usuallyExpand
Preliminary Analysis on Organizational Factors Influencing Effective Construction Risk Management: A case study of Nigerian Construction Companies
An increased demand has been placed on construction projects for more accountability to their clients with measure to the company products and services. However, this demand is because of innumerableExpand
Development of a triple bottom line stakeholder satisfaction model
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to develop a model for producing an objective and holistic assessment of organisational decision-making to measure the procurement success of builtExpand
Most of the important decisions are taken at team meetings during software development process (SDP) and the way of thinking of project leader plays an important role in achieving quality objectivesExpand
Engineering Students Perception of Professor Role as a Leader: An Empirical Study
Teaching role of an engineering professor has changed from a knowledge imparter to a leadership role. The students emulate the role of a professor. Given individual consideration to engineeringExpand


Leadership and Project Management: Time for a Shift from Fayol to Flores
Henri Fayol's definition of management establishes the "common sense" of current project management practice. That common sense is challenged by a new definition of work and management put forward byExpand
A Project Manager's Handbook
The inception phase conception the project synopsis the conceptual meetings the output the planning phase administration project management methodology project environment human resources materialExpand
Project Management in Construction
This guide to construction project management should help contractors to sharpen their management skills, so that they can survive and thrive in the 90s. It includes real-world, on-the-job guidanceExpand
The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management
Preface. Down Loadable Forms. Part 1. Introduction. Chapter 1. Project Management Is The New Critical Leadership Skill. Introduction. Project Management Is the Essential Skill Set for Twenty-firstExpand
Survey Research: The Basics
Introduction and Purpose Relationships between Variables Elements of the Survey Description Elements of the Survey Implementation The Survey Report Examples Generalizing the Simple Model
Project management for building designers and owners
List of Exhibits List of Tables Organizing for Project Management The Need for Project Management Project Delivery Organization The Project Manager Who Is a Project Manager? What Does a ProjectExpand
Fundamentals of Project Management
"Preface Chapter 1 An Overview of Project Management Chapter 2 The Role of the Project Manager Chapter 3 Planning the Project Chapter 4 Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives Chapter 5Expand
Successful Project Management
The fourth edition of SUCCESSFUL PROJECT MANAGEMENT covers everything you need to know about working successfully in a project environment, including how to organize and manage effective projectExpand
The leadership challenge : how to keep getting extraordinary things done in organizations
Foreword Preface: Everyone's Business: The New Realities of Leadership WHEN LEADERS ARE AT THEIR BEST The Practices and Commitments of Exemplary Leadership What Constituents Expect of Leaders:Expand
E-mail Survey Response Rates: A Review
  • K. Sheehan
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • J. Comput. Mediat. Commun.
  • 2001
Responses to e-mail surveys undertaken since 1986 are analyzed and correlation and regression analyses suggest that year that the survey was undertaken and number of follow-up contacts had the most influence on response rates. Expand