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Leadership in early childhood education and care : Facing the challenges and embracing new possibilities

  title={Leadership in early childhood education and care : Facing the challenges and embracing new possibilities},
  author={Louise H{\aa}rd},
In the highly femin ised field of early ch ildhood education and care (ECEC) research indicates discord with traditional leadership models and rationales (Aubrey, 2007, Ebbeck and Waniganayake, 2003, Rodd, 2006) The cultural expectation of ‘niceness’ is often considered incongruent with interpretations of leadership, resulting in limited leadership enactment. ECEC personnel express a resolve to achieve improved outcomes for children, staff and families However, low social kudos and remuneration… 



Horizontal Violence in Early Childhood Education and Care: Implications for leadership enactment

Leadership is a contested term in many contexts and means various things to different people. In early childhood education and care (ECEC) it is understood in multilayered terms. This paper draws on

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Leadership in early childhood education is greatly under-represented in academic literature. Derek Glover’s review of the contents of EMAL, for the 40th Anniversary Issue in September 2012 (Bush and

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Lighting the Path: Developing Leadership in Early Education

Today, for an increasing number of infants, toddlers, and young children, early childhood education programs provide their first institutional experience outside the home (Edlefsen & Baird, 1994;

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ABSTRACT Established in 1940, Lady Gowrie Child Centres in Australia provide integrated early childhood programs and develop and share project work, information, resources and training at local and

Who Cares?: Theory, Research, and Educational Implications of the Ethic of Care

Introduction by Mary Brabeck: Who Cares? Defining and Re-Defining the Ethic of Care Twenty Three Hundred Years of Women Philosophers: Toward a Gender Undifferentiated Moral Theory by Mary Ellen

Bullying in the nursing profession.

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    Journal of advanced nursing
  • 2003
The aim of the 3-year study discussed here was to explore students' self-esteem and how their experiences of preregistration education influenced its development over the period of the programme.