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Leader-Member Exchange and Performance 1 Leader-member Exchange (LMX) and Performance: A Meta-analytic Review. PLEASE CITE

  title={Leader-Member Exchange and Performance 1 Leader-member Exchange (LMX) and Performance: A Meta-analytic Review. PLEASE CITE},
  author={Robin Martin and Yves R. F. Guillaume and Allan Lee and Olga Epitropaki},

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Exchange And Power In Social Life
Relative Leader–Member Exchange Within Team Contexts: How and when Social Comparison Impacts Individual Effectiveness
A multilevel model was developed to examine how and when a focal individual's leader–member exchange (LMX) relative to the LMXs of coworkers within the team (relative LMX, or RLMX) influences
A Meta-Analysis of Antecedents and Consequences of Leader-Member Exchange
Although leader-member exchange (LMX) was identified in the literature nearly 40 years ago, a comprehensive empirical examination of its antecedents and consequences has not been conducted. The
The relative importance of task, citizenship, and counterproductive performance to global ratings of job performance: a policy-capturing approach.
  • M. Rotundo
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The Journal of applied psychology
  • 2002
This study examined the relative importance of each component to ratings of overall performance by using an experimental policy-capturing design to read hypothetical profiles describing employees' task, citizenship, and counterproductive performance and provided global ratings of performance.
Multidimensionafity of Leader-Member Exchange: An Empirical Assessment through Scale Development
Whether Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) is a unidimensional or a multidimensional construct was assessed through the development and validation of a multidimensional measure. Item analysis involving 302
Meta-Analytic Review of Leader-Member Exchange Theory: Correlates and Construct Issues
The leader-member exchange (LMX) literature is reviewed using meta-analysis. Relationships between LMX and its correlates are examined, as are issues related to the LMX construct, including
The Nature of Vertical Dyadic Linkages Within Managerial Units
Leader-member exchange (LMX) and culture: a meta-analysis of correlates of LMX across 23 countries.
Findings highlight that although members are universally sensitive to how their leaders treat them, members' responses in Asian contexts may also be influenced by collective interests and role-based obligations.
Leader-member exchange and citizenship behaviors: a meta-analysis.
Results indicate a moderately strong, positive relationship between LMX and citizenship behaviors (rho = .37), and support the moderating role of the target of the citizenship behaviors on the magnitude of the LMX-citizenship behavior relationship.
How Important are Job Attitudes? Meta-Analytic Comparisons of Integrative Behavioral Outcomes and Time Sequences
Drawing on the compatibility principle in attitude theory, we propose that overall job attitude (job satisfaction and organizational commitment) provides increasingly powerful prediction of more