Lead isotopes in environmental sciences: a review.

  title={Lead isotopes in environmental sciences: a review.},
  author={Michael Kom{\'a}rek and Vojtěch Ettler and Vladislav Chrastn{\'y} and M. Žulj Mihaljevi{\'c}},
  journal={Environment international},
  volume={34 4},
Lead (Pb) isotopic analyses proved to be a very efficient tool for tracing the sources of local and global Pb pollution. This review presents an overview of literature published on the use of Pb isotopic analyses of different environmental matrices (atmospheric aerosols, lichens, tree rings, peat deposits, lake, stream, marine sediments, soils, etc.). In order to gain more insight, the isotopic compositions of major sources of Pb in the environment as determined by several authors are described… CONTINUE READING
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