Lead in Water: Neurotoxicityand Stressful Effect on Wistar Rat

  title={Lead in Water: Neurotoxicityand Stressful Effect on Wistar Rat},
  author={Kheira Benlahcen and Wafa Sansar and Leila Belhabri and Meriem Slimani},
The fauna and flora are severely threatened by discharges of industrial pollutants such as heavy metals (lead zinc cadmium arsenic...) which are highly dangerous. The study covers the identification of sites fixing mechanism lead to the brain, in rats Wistar according to several approaches: phenotypic, behavioural, immunohistochemical and histological. The rats are permanently acetate lead the dose of 250mg / l and 500mg/l diluted in distilled water for a period of 12 weeks compared to… CONTINUE READING


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