Lead content of fetal tissues after maternal intoxication

  title={Lead content of fetal tissues after maternal intoxication},
  author={Otfried Mayer-Popken and W. Denkhaus and H. Konietzko},
  journal={Archives of Toxicology},
A female employee was exposed to lead dust for 8 h daily from 4. 5. 1982 to 20. 5. 1982. During this time conception occurred (1st day of last menses 4. 5. 82). Acute symptoms of lead intoxication were not observed in this subject but were in other employees. Measurements of lead content were started after the end of exposure and continued for 6 months until normal values were obtained. Because of the half-life of nearly 20 days for lead elimination from blood the estimated body burden at the… CONTINUE READING