Lead and cadmium in soil and Isopoda woodlice in Croatia.

  title={Lead and cadmium in soil and Isopoda woodlice in Croatia.},
  author={Maja Blanus̆a and Romana Mrkovi{\'c}-Mili{\'c} and Paula Durbesi{\'c}},
  journal={Ecotoxicology and environmental safety},
  volume={52 3},
The aim of the study was to determine lead and cadmium concentrations in Isopoda woodlice and soil and to estimate their relation in the environment and the possibility of the use of isopods as biological indicators of pollution. Samples of isopods and soil were collected at two locations in Northern Croatia and analyzed for lead and cadmium. One location was in the forest, and another in the meadow near the road. Isopods were dry- ashed and soil was extracted with nitric acid. Elements were… CONTINUE READING

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