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Lead and Mercury Contamination Assoc=atea with Artisanal Gold Mining in Anka, Zamfara State, North Western Nigeria: The Continued Unabated Zamfara Lead Poisoning

  title={Lead and Mercury Contamination Assoc=atea with Artisanal Gold Mining in Anka, Zamfara State, North Western Nigeria: The Continued Unabated Zamfara Lead Poisoning},
  author={Lar and Uriah and Tsuwang and Kenneth and Gusikit and Rhoda and Mangs and Ayuba},
Co-Exposure to Lead and Mercury among Artisanal Gold Miners
The high blood lead and mercury levels recorded in this study are far above OSHA permissible limit and are therefore a call for concern and the exposed individuals require urgent medical attention for proper intervention and possible total withdrawal from the work.
Assessment of bioaccessibility and health risk of mercury within soil of artisanal gold mine sites, Niger, North-central part of Nigeria
Hg posed a serious non-carcinogenic HI for both adults and children exposed to the soil in the study area and showed that Hg could present a risk to health via ingestion, although further research is required to assess dermal and inhalation bioaccessibility.
Environmental Health Impact of Potentially Harmful Element Discharges from Mining Operations in Nigeria
Widespread artisanal, alongside small-scale mining operations are currently increasing in intensity in Nigeria. These activities are causing immeasurable damage to the environment and populations
Hydrogeochemical and pollution assessment of water resources within a mining area, SE Nigeria, using an integrated approach
  • O. Igwe, M. E. Omeka
  • Environmental Science
    International Journal of Energy and Water Resources
  • 2021
The hydrogeochemical signatures, quality, and suitability of water resources in Okurumutet-Iyamitet mine sites, southeastern Nigeria were evaluated using indexical and chemometric methods for
Electrochemical determination of the levels of lead and cadmium in soil samples from Niger and Ogun States, Nigeria: remediation potential with chitosan phosphate and implications for human health and disease
Lead and cadmium poisoning is common in some parts of Nigeria as a result of artisanal mining of gold. The poisoning has led to the deaths of hundreds of women and children below the age of five
Distribution, contamination, toxicity, and potential risk assessment of toxic metals in media from Arufu Pb–Zn–F mining area, northeast Nigeria
Abstract Toxic metals exuding from mining remain a challenge to the environment and human health. This study investigated the distribution, contamination, toxicity, and potential risks of toxic
Burn to kill: Wood ash a silent killer in Africa.
Heavy metal pollution status and risk assessment on area with artisanal mining activities
This study was undertaken to re-evaluate the heavy contamination level of Bagega community which recorded acute lead poisoning in 2010 and was reclaimed between 2010 and 2012. The levels of the
Risk assessment of heavy metals in soil based on the geographic information system-Kriging technique in Anka, Nigeria
Soil contaminated with heavy metals from artisanal gold mining in Anka Local Government Area in Northwestern Nigeria was investigated to evaluate the human health risk as a result of heavy metals and GIS-based Kriging method was utilized to create prediction maps of human health risks and probability maps ofheavy metals concentrations exceeding their threshold limits.