Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Manganese, and Zinc in Wetland Waters of Victoria Lake Basin, East Africa

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Grain Size and Source Apportionment of Heavy Metals in Urban Stream Sediments
K. Sekabira1, H. Oryem-Origa2, T. A. Basamba3, G. Mutumba4 and E. Kakudidi5 1Department of Environment, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Kampala International University, Kampala
Comprehensive Evaluation of Trace Metal Distribution and Pollution index in the Sediments of Coastal areas of Sindh, Pakistan
Coastal areas of Sindh, Pakistan were selected in order to study the availability of heavy metals and their concentrations in the surficial sediments ( Fe > Zn > Pb > Co > Cu > As. This study
Macrophytes as a heavy metal scavengers at MIDC effluent stream
Environmental heavy metal pollution is mainly of anthropogenic. Heavy metals are ubiquitous environmental contaminants in industrialized societies. Most plants are able to accumulate heavy metals
Mud crab, genus Scylla is a giant mud crabs that are mostly found in the Indo-Pacific region and around the Indian Ocean to East Africa. They commonly can be found in sheltered waters in estuaries
Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution in Sediments of the Korbevačka River in Southeastern Serbia
The Korbevačka River is located in the southeastern part of Serbia. This river is a main recipient of all kinds of pollutants from the Pb−Zn mine “Grot.” Sediments from the Korbevačka River were
A Study of Coastal Sediments of Sindh Pakistan Using Geochemical Approach for Evaluation of Heavy Metals Pollution
Twenty one locations in the Coastal area of Sindh, Pakistan were chosen with the purpose of study the accessibility of heavy metals and their concentrations in the surficial sediments (<60 m). These
Fractionation of trace metals between catchment soils and associated wetland sediments of selected wetlands of Lake Victoria, East Africa.
The aim of this work was to study the trace metals transfer between soil aquifers and the immediate sediments of the selected wetlands of Lake Victoria. The study covered five trace metals Pb, Cd,
Assessment of heavy metal pollution in the urban stream sediments and its tributaries
Globally, aquatic ecosystems are highly polluted with heavy metals arising from anthropogenic and terrigenous sources. The objective of this study was to investigate the pollution of stream sediments
Spatial Distribution of some Important Heavy Metals in the Soils South of Manzala Lake in Bahr El-Baqar Region, Egypt
The present work attempts to establish the distribution of Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Cadmium and Chromium  in the soils of Bahr EL-Baqar Region. Where, eight soil samples were
Assessment of pollution by heavy metals in sediments of river Oyi and its tributary, southwestern Nigeria
The sediments of Rivers Oyi and Wara were sampled in order to assess the pollution status of these rivers by heavy metals. Thirty stream sediment samples were collected along channels of Rivers Oyi