Leaching, runoff and speciation of arsenic in a laboratory mesocosm.

  title={Leaching, runoff and speciation of arsenic in a laboratory mesocosm.},
  author={M Ruokolainen and Mari Pantsar-Kallio and A Haapa and Timo Kairesalo},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={258 3},
Leaching and runoff of arsenic (As) from the contaminated soil of an old wood impregnation plant, and fate in a recipient freshwater ecosystem, was studied in soil-water-sediment mesocosms in laboratory (0.9 m3; total water volume 200 l). During the 4-month experiment total leaching and discharge of As from regularly irrigated soil was approximately 40 mg, i.e. approximately 0.6% of total initial As content in the soil. Of the total As load, 7.5% remained in the water; 44% settled down to the… CONTINUE READING