LeMMINGs IV: The X-ray properties of a statistically-complete sample of the nuclei in active and inactive galaxies from the Palomar sample

  title={LeMMINGs IV: The X-ray properties of a statistically-complete sample of the nuclei in active and inactive galaxies from the Palomar sample},
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All 280 of the statistically-complete Palomar sample of nearby (<120Mpc) galaxies δ >20◦ have been observed at 1.5GHz as part of the LeMMINGs e-MERLIN legacy survey. Here, we present Chandra X-ray observations of the nuclei of 213 of these galaxies, including a statistically-complete sub-set of 113 galaxies in the declination range 40◦ < δ < 65◦. We observed galaxies of all optical spectral types, including ‘active’ galaxies (e.g., LINERs and Seyferts) and ‘inactive’ galaxies like H ii galaxies… 



Compton-Thick AGN: The Dark Side of the X-Ray Background

The spectrum of the hard X-ray background records the history of accretion processes integrated over the cosmic time. Several pieces of observational and theoretical evidence indicate that a

Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV

The execution of a lunar shadow intercept and the conduction of an observing program from a Boeing 747-400 ER aircraft over the Antarctic interior permitted the previously unobtainable to be accomplished.

AGN classification given to the source based on the AGN re-classifcation scheme described in Baldi et al

  • Galaxy Right Dec. Gal. Lat. Dist Obs. Exposure Sample Det. Mass O[III] AGN Hubble Name Asc. δ |b| (Mpc) ID. (secs) Status Sig. log(M ) log(Lum.) Class Type
  • 1997

eds, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series Vol. 4012, X-Ray Optics, Instruments, and Missions III. pp

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