Le théâtre de Jean-Luc Lagarce : une écriture circulaire ou une dramaturgie en ricochets

  title={Le th{\'e}{\^a}tre de Jean-Luc Lagarce : une {\'e}criture circulaire ou une dramaturgie en ricochets},
  author={Cristina Vinuesa Mu{\~n}oz},
If according to Aristotle, the function of the dramatic art culminates in catharsis, ie, the purgation of certain feelings such as fear or piety which are judged harmful to man in society, it is also true that in order to achieve it, that same art must contextualize these feelings, integrate them into a probable situation likely to enable an identification by the viewer. Ultimately, the story will allow to trigger feelings, then identification and purgation. Now, it seems that contemporary… CONTINUE READING