Corpus ID: 194698498

Le thème de l'enfant dans l'oeuvre littéraire de George Sand

  title={Le th{\`e}me de l'enfant dans l'oeuvre litt{\'e}raire de George Sand},
  author={Voahangy Razafimbelo},
  • Voahangy Razafimbelo
  • Published 1992
  • Art
  • The happy setting of sand's childhood is evoked by the paris and nohant of her early childhood. The voyages singify her confrontations with existential dramas. The psychanalytical approach to the child's memories reveals a complex personality. The "corambe" ideogram permits a tripartite arrangement which sets the scene for the family group. The work mainly comes from the author's own personal experience. The novelitic child is discribed through a portrait comprising two parts: prosopography and… CONTINUE READING

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