Le système nerveux central : structure et Fonctions, histoire critique des Théories et des doctrines

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  • J. Soury
  • Psychology
  • American Journal of Psychology
Pre-Brodmann pioneers of cortical cytoarchitectonics I: Theodor Meynert, Vladimir Betz and William Bevan-Lewis
  • L. Triarhou
  • Medicine, Philosophy
  • Brain structure & function
  • 2020
This study and the sequel paper revisit landmark discoveries that paved the way to the definition of the renowned Brodmann areas in the human cerebral cortex, in an attempt to rectify certainExpand
Soul, butterfly, mythological nymph: psyche in philosophy and neuroscience.
In the current surge of research on brain and mind, there is a gradual transition from the psyche (or the "soul") to the specified descriptors defined by the fields of Behavioral, Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience. Expand
Jules-Auguste Soury (1842-1915): A Centennial Call to Mind
Jules-Auguste Soury (1842-1915), a Parisian theorist and historian of science, was the author of ‘The Central Nervous System', one of the most comprehensive and original accounts, until 1900, of theExpand
Neurosyphilitics and madmen: The French fin-de-siècle fictions of Huysmans, Lermina, and Maupassant.
  • A. Goulet
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Progress in brain research
  • 2013
This chapter considers a neurological approach to analyzing the decadent and fantastic fictions of the French fin-de-siècle. It focuses on three texts whose depictions of male nervosism wereExpand
Chapter 5: the Greco-Roman world.
  • A. Karenberg
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Handbook of clinical neurology
  • 2010
This chapter focuses on the relevance of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and disorders of the nervous system in the Greco-Roman world. Expand
Hallmarks in 18th- and 19th-century epilepsy research
The purpose of this study was to reveal the major views of the early scientific period (18th and 19th centuries) on epilepsy as both a disease and a symptom. The shaping of thought about illness andExpand
Neurotransmitter Phenotypes of Neurons in the Spinal Cord and Their Functional Role in the Mouse Locomotor Network
This thesis describes the neurotransmitter phenotype, development and functional organization of populations directly involved in the normal and abnormal function of spinal locomotor networks and suggests a much more complex regulation of axon guidance imposed by the EphA4 and ephrinB3 system than previously believed. Expand
Constantin von Monakow (1853-1930): a pioneer in interdisciplinary brain research and a humanist.
Constantin von Monakow (1853-1930), director of the Brain Anatomy Institute in Zurich, was a pioneer in the early history of interdisciplinary brain sciences and a engaged member of the International Brain Commission until its dissolution during World War I. Expand
Die letzten 100 Jahre Lokalisationsforschung an der Großhirnrinde
  • R. Janzen
  • Psychology
  • Zeitschrift für Neurologie
  • 2004
Abstract60 years ago Constantin v. Monakow rejected the concept, that anatomically localized and physiologically defined functions are able to explain “Leistungen”-purpose-ful accomplishments — ofExpand