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Le successioni del "Macigno" nell'area a sud del M. Cetona (Toscana)

  title={Le successioni del "Macigno" nell'area a sud del M. Cetona (Toscana)},
  author={A. Costantini and A. Lazzarotto and E. Pandeli},
  journal={Bollettino Della Societa Geologica Italiana},
Tectonic control on travertine and calcareous tufa deposition in a low-temperature geothermal system (Sarteano, Central Italy)
This paper presents an integrated study directed toward an understanding of the tectonic control on the hydrothermal circulation and resulting deposition of Middle–Late Pleistocene travertine in aExpand
Tectonically-related fluid circulation in the San Casciano dei Bagni - Sarteano area (M. Cetona Ridge - Southern Tuscany): a coupled structural and geochemical investigation.
The aim of this investigation is to examine the relationship between springs and structural setting in the Mt. Cetona Ridge. This area represents an important regional morpho-tectonic featureExpand
The Contribution of Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy in Solving Geological Problems: The Example of the Oligocene–Miocene Foredeep of the Northern Apennines (Italy)
In the Northern Apennines fold and thrust belt of Italy, the post-collisional stages are characterized by the Oligocene–Pliocene progressive shortening of the foredeep basins, resulting from theExpand
Tectono-sedimentary analysis of a complex, extensional, Neogene basin formed on thrust-faulted, Northern Apennines hinterland: Radicofani Basin, Italy
Abstract Large NW–SE oriented, Neogene–Quaternary structural depressions, up to about 200 km long and 25 km wide, have developed on the western side (hinterland) of the Northern Apennines over thrustExpand
The sub-Ligurian and Ligurian units of the Mt. Amiata geothermal region (south-eastern tuscany) : new stratigraphic and tectonic data and insights into their relationships with the Tuscan Nappe
A new geological survey and micropaleontological and petrographical studies were performed on the Ligurids l.s. in the Montalcino-Mt. Amiata area. The relationships between the Ligurids l.s., theExpand
La dorsale monti del Chianti-Monte Cetona nel quadro evolutivo della catena Appenninica settentrionale; tettonica polifasata nella trasversale Trequanda-Sinalunga (Toscana meridionale)
This paper describes the structural setting of a segment of M. Orsaro-M. Cetona Ridge, representing an important regional morphotectonic feature, oriented NNW-SSE and over two hundred kilometresExpand