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Le problème de la signification au cinéma

  title={Le probl{\`e}me de la signification au cin{\'e}ma},
  author={Roland Barthes},
Dance and Fetish: Phenomenology and Metz's Epistemological Shift
Christian Metz is remembered today as having almost single-handedly transformed the culture of film studies. This widely held view was summarized by one commentator, who wrote that “with Metz a new
What’s in a song: the case of Christopher Nolan’s Inception
Overblown cinematography and excess of visual attraction are the key features in Christopher Nolan’s Inception (UK/USA, 2010), a film that eventually exhausts itself in its numerous tours de force.
Cinéma et sens de la ville : la ville idéelle
It is mainly though movies that we learn about and share in the reality of cities, even the cities in which we live. Through movies, we discover more cities than we will ever visit. We recognize
The Grounded Theory and the Analysis of Audio-Visual Texts
The aim of this article is to propose a methodological basis for the analysis of audio-visual, media-produced data. Based on the difference between the use of audio-visual material as a ‘lens’