Le marcottage aerien de Grewia coriacea Mast.

  title={Le marcottage aerien de Grewia coriacea Mast.},
  author={L. Attibayeba and L. Ngantsoue and F. Essamambo and A. Bita and F. Mialoundama},
Grewia coriacea, tree from 4 to 25 m in height and 12 to 40 cm in diameter is a plant of the Congoleses forests. Its fruits use the manufacture of several drinks. The barks are used in pharmacopeia. The section of the branches and the demolition of the tree practised in the zones of production, like method of gathering of the fruits, the practice of the itinerant culture on brulis, involve the crumbling of this botanical capital. Also, we undertook tests of layering in order to perennialize… Expand