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Le Groupe d'Information sur les Prisons : archives d'une lutte, 1970-1972

  title={Le Groupe d'Information sur les Prisons : archives d'une lutte, 1970-1972},
  author={P. Arti{\'e}res and L. Qu{\'e}ro and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel},
Statactivism against the penal machinery in the aftermath of “1968”: The Case of the French Groupe d’Information Sur les Prisons
The action of the French Groupe d’information sur les prisons (GIP) in the early 1970s has recently been characterized as “optical activism”. By analogy, this article considers the activist effortsExpand
Counterveillance: How Foucault and the Groupe d’Information sur les Prisons reversed the optics
The analysis herein considers the dynamics of panopticism by developing further the concept of counter-surveillance—or counterveillance—whereby prison officials rather than the prisoners become theExpand
Critique without ontology : genealogy, collective subjects and the deadlocks of evidence
In the past few years, the number ofmigrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea has dramatically increased due to the strengthening of border controls and a deliberate politics of migration containmentExpand
Oedipus Rex as a philosophical and political strategy 1
This article studies Michel Foucault’s interpretation of the tragedy Oedipus Rex. The analysis seeks to uncover the various intellectual strategies around his study. First, Foucault takes a positionExpand
Curiosities at war: the police and prison resistance after Mai ’68
Abstract It is too easy to say of Mai ’68 that the police are incurious while protesters are curious, that administrators are incurious and students are curious. A more honest assessment of theseExpand
Foucault et les images : pratiques de l'image et visibilité entre analyse archéologique et irréductibilité critique
Dans le cadre des actuels debats autour du role et des pouvoirs des images, notre etude explore, a la lumiere de la recherche du philosophe Michel Foucault, l'etendue et les fonctionnementsExpand
Can a Patriarchal World Be Corrected by a Criminal Law? Feminist Struggles, Penal Justice and Legal Reform in France (1970-1980)
This article describes (1) the relationship between the demands made by feminist movements of the 1970s in cases of sexual violence and criticism of the criminal justice system by these movements andExpand
De la révolution prolétarienne aux révoltes démocratiques (1966-1974) : une étude de la mouvance maoïste française
Le courant maoiste spontaneiste reste, aujourd'hui encore, l'un des symboles les plus couramment mobilises dans la reference aux annees 1968 que celui-ci le soit pour sa dimension virulente etExpand
Prison liberation by association: Michel Foucault and the George Jackson Atlantic
ABSTRACT This article documents how Michel Foucault used his status as a prestigiously chaired French intellectual to relay the speech of prisoners as part of the Groupe d'information sur les prisonsExpand