Le Cheval du gisement pléistocène moyen de la Caune de l'Arago (Tautavel, Pyrénées Orientales, France)

  title={Le Cheval du gisement pl{\'e}istoc{\`e}ne moyen de la Caune de l'Arago (Tautavel, Pyr{\'e}n{\'e}es Orientales, France)},
  author={Driss Bellai},
The Horse of La Caune de l'Arago lived during a period of intense cold which corresponds to isotopic stage 12. It's a tall animal, reaching between 1,56 m to 1,63 m at the shoulder and combining primitive and evolved characteristics. Several anatomical characteristics allow us to see that the Caune de l'Arago equid is an evolved species: large and bilobate protocone, an very developed pli caballin In other hand, we found archaic characters such us: survival of P1, weak values of protocone index… CONTINUE READING