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Layered-triangulations of 3-manifolds

  title={Layered-triangulations of 3-manifolds},
  author={William H. Jaco and J. Hyam Rubinstein},
  journal={arXiv: Geometric Topology},
A family of one-vertex triangulations of 3-manifolds, layered-triangulations, is defined. Layered-triangulations are first described for handlebodies and then extended to all 3-manifolds via Heegaard splittings. A complete and detailed analysis of layered-triangulations is given in the cases of the solid torus and lens spaces, including the classification of all normal and almost normal surfaces in these triangulations. Minimal layered-triangulations of lens spaces provide a common setting for… Expand
Traversing three-manifold triangulations and spines
A celebrated result concerning triangulations of a given closed 3-manifold is that any two triangulations with the same number of vertices are connected by a sequence of so-called 2-3 and 3-2 moves.Expand
Minimal triangulations for an infinite family of lens spaces
The notion of a layered triangulation of a lens space was defined by Jaco and Rubinstein in earlier work, and, unless the lens space is L(3,1), a layered triangulation with the minimal number ofExpand
Triangulations of 3-manifolds with essential edges
We define essential and strongly essential triangulations of 3-manifolds, and give four constructions using different tools (Heegaard splittings, hierarchies of Haken 3-manifolds, Epstein-PennerExpand
Annular-Efficient Triangulations of 3-manifolds
A triangulation of a compact 3-manifold is annular-efficient if it is 0-efficient and the only normal, incompressible annuli are thin edge-linking. If a compact 3-manifold has an annular-efficientExpand
Simplification paths in the Pachner graphs of closed orientable 3-manifold triangulations
Experimental work suggests that for an exhaustive census of 81,800,394 one-vertex triangulations that span 1,901 distinct closed orientable 3-manifolds, the authors never need to add more than two extra tetrahedra, and the average number of Pachner moves decreases as the number of tetRAhedra grows. Expand
Coverings and minimal triangulations of 3-manifolds
This paper uses results on the classification of minimal triangulations of 3-manifolds to produce additional results, using covering spaces. Using previous work on minimal triangulations of lensExpand
Correction terms, Z2-Thurston norm, and triangulations
We explicitly construct layered-triangulations for manifolds admitting a genus-one open book decomposition with connected binding. This construction gives an upper bound to the complexity of theseExpand
Hyperbolic Graphs of Small Complexity
This paper enumerate and classify the "simplest" pairs (M,G), where M is a closed orientable 3-manifold and G is a trivalent graph embedded in M, and gives detailed information on hyperbolic invariants including volumes, symmetry groups, and arithmetic invariants. Expand
The simplicial volume of 3-manifolds with boundary
We provide sharp lower bounds for the simplicial volume of compact $3$-manifolds in terms of the simplicial volume of their boundaries. As an application, we compute the simplicial volume of severalExpand
Efficient triangulations and boundary slopes
For a compact, irreducible, $\partial$-irreducible, an-annular bounded 3-manifold $M\ne\mathbb{B}^3$, then any triangulation $\mathcal{T}$ of $M$ can be modified to an ideal triangulationExpand


An algorithm for generating a census of all closed prime minimal 3-manifold triangulations is presented, extending the algorithms of earlier authors in several ways and detailed analysis is performed of the underlying combinatorial structures of the resulting triangulation, extending current knowledge in both the orientable and non-orientable cases. Expand
0-Efficient Triangulations of 3-Manifolds
efficient triangulations of 3-manifolds are defined and studied. It is shown that any triangulation of a closed, orientable, irreducible 3-manifold M can be modified to a 0-efficient triangulationExpand
Decision problems in the space of Dehn fillings
Normal surface theory is used to study Dehn fillings of a knot-manifold. We use that any triangulation of a knot-manifold may be modified to a triangulation having just one vertex in the boundary. InExpand
Taut ideal triangulations of 3–manifolds
A taut ideal triangulation of a 3{manifold is a topological ideal triangulation with extra combinatorial structure: a choice of transverse orientation on each ideal 2{simplex, satisfying two simpleExpand
3-Manifolds as viewed from the curve complex ☆
Abstract A Heegaard diagram for a 3-manifold is regarded as a pair of simplexes in the complex of curves on a surface and a Heegaard splitting as a pair of subcomplexes generated by the equivalentExpand
Heegaard structures of negatively curved 3-manifolds
Let M be an orientable complete hyperbolic 3-manifold of finite volume and with d ordered cusps ci,... , c^. Denote by M the collection of all manifolds obtained by Dehn surgery on M i.e., if q £ Q,Expand
P.L. Homeomorphic Manifolds are Equivalent by Elementary 5hellingst
  • U. Pachner
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Eur. J. Comb.
  • 1991
This paper studies transformations of simplicial p.l. manifolds by elementary boundary operations (shellings and inverse shellings) and shows that a simplical p. Expand
Three-Manifolds Having Complexity At Most 9
An algorithm is described which has enabled us to give a complete list, without repetitions, of all closed oriented irreducible three-manifolds of complexity up to 9, and it is proved that there are surprisingly few such manifolds up to complexity 9. Expand
A Complete Description of Normal Surfaces for Infinite Series of 3-Manifolds
The set of all normal surfaces in a 3-manifold is a partial monoid under addition with a minimal generating set of fundamental surfaces. The available algorithm for finding the system of fundamentalExpand
Heegaard structures of manifolds in the Dehn filling space
Abstract We prove that after Dehn filling an incompressible torus in the boundary of an a-cylindrical 3-manifold the Heegaard genus degenerates by at most one for all but finitely many fillings. WeExpand