Layered structure of saccular aneurysms assessed by collagen birefringence.

  title={Layered structure of saccular aneurysms assessed by collagen birefringence.},
  author={Peter B. Canham and Helen M. Finlay and J A Kiernan and Gary G. Ferguson},
  journal={Neurological research},
  volume={21 7},
Cerebral aneurysms are composed principally of collagen, a birefringent protein which is responsible for withstanding the forces of blood pressure. The known correlation between collagen birefringence and its mechanics provides the basis for using polarizing microscopy to evaluate the strength of collagen, layer by layer across the aneurysmal wall. In order to obtain better quantitative measurements, several birefringent enhancement stains were investigated. We concluded that sirius red F3B, at… CONTINUE READING

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