Layered markov models: a new architectural approach to automatic speech recognition

  title={Layered markov models: a new architectural approach to automatic speech recognition},
  author={Mikel Pe{\~n}agarikano and Germ{\'a}n Bordel},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2004 14th IEEE Signal Processing Society Workshop Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 2004.},
This paper presents the theoretical basis of layered Markov models (LMM), which integrate all the knowledge levels commonly used in automatic speech recognition (acoustic, lexical and language levels) in a single model. Each knowledge level is represented by a set of Markov models (or even hidden Markov models) and all these sets are arranged in a layered structure. Given that common supervised training and recognition paradigms can be also expressed as simple Markov models, they can be… CONTINUE READING
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