Layer matching epitaxy of NiO thin films on atomically stepped sapphire (0001) substrates

  title={Layer matching epitaxy of NiO thin films on atomically stepped sapphire (0001) substrates},
  author={Ryosuke Yamauchi and Yosuke Hamasaki and Takuto Shibuya and Akira Saito and Nobuo Tsuchimine and Koji Koyama and Akifumi Matsuda and Mamoru Yoshimoto},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Thin-film epitaxy is critical for investigating the original properties of materials. To obtain epitaxial films, careful consideration of the external conditions, i.e. single-crystal substrate, temperature, deposition pressure and fabrication method, is significantly important. In particular, selection of the single-crystal substrate is the first step towards fabrication of a high-quality film. Sapphire (single-crystalline α-Al2O3) is commonly used in industry as a thin-film crystal-growth… CONTINUE READING


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