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Layer Oriented Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics systems : Performance analysis by numerical simulations

  title={Layer Oriented Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics systems : Performance analysis by numerical simulations},
  author={C. Verinauda and C. Arcidiaconoc and M. Carbilleta and E. Diolaitib and R. Ragazzonia and E. Verneta and S. Espositoa and E. Fermi},
The multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) technique allows to correcting the vertical distribution of atmospheric turbulence, extending the isoplanatic angle and the sky coverage. In the Layer-Oriented (LO) approach, each wavefront sensor (WFS) is conjugated to a given atmospheric layer and is linked in closed loop to a deformable mirror, conjugated to the same height. This technique benefits from the co-adding of light coming from the guide stars which can be arbitrarily numerous and faint… 
Compensation of non-common path aberrations for the pyramid wavefront sensor
The wavefront of the light from objects in space gets distorted by the atmosphere around the Earth, decreasing the image quality of the telescope. Compensation for these rapidly changing wavefronts
Simulations of (MC)AO for a 100-m telescope
In this paper, we summarize the analysis made on various Adaptive Optics (AO) modes (including Shack-Hartmann (SH) and Pyramid Wavefront Sensors (PWS)) for the OverWhelmingly Large telescope (OWL).
Operation of a layer-oriented multiconjugate adaptive optics system in the partial illumination regime
Multiconjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) promises uniform wide-field atmospheric correction. However, partial illumination of the layers at which the deformable mirrors are conjugated results in
End to end numerical simulations of the MAORY multiconjugate adaptive optics system
This work develops a code for the end-to-end simulation of the MAORY adaptive optics (AO) system in order to obtain high-fidelity modeling of the system performance and presents the architecture of the simulation tool and its achieved and expected performance.
Wide-field solar adaptive optics in a layer-oriented approach
We discuss a layer-oriented approach to multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) in solar imaging. The technique is a complement to the current star-oriented MCAO and appears as a necessary alternative
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This work summarizes various kinds of wavefront reconstruction algorithms for the pyramid wavefront sensor, and a detailed comparison of the presented methods with respect to underlying pyramid sensor models, computational complexities, and reconstruction qualities is given.
Quasi-realtime solar adaptive optics simulation
We are currently implementing a solar adaptive optics (AO) and multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) simulation package that provides a full simulation, including wavefront sensor
Layer oriented: science with MAD and beyond
The Layer Oriented Wavefront Sensor for MAD has been used in the sky to achieve science. The preliminary results from a six night run and the perspectives in terms of achieved performances and
Parallel simulation tools for AO on ELTs
The simulation tools which have been developed at ESO to simulate adaptive optics for extremely large telescopes, and in particular OWL, are presented, based on dedicated hardware and dedicated software, written in C and which is parallelized.


Multiple field of view layer-oriented adaptive optics Nearly whole sky coverage on 8 m class telescopes and beyond
In layer-oriented adaptive optics, multiconjugation is performed in a much more efficient way than conventional wavefront sensing. This improved efficiency is impressive for high altitude layers and
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The sensor based on the unharmonic grating which operates as a set of phase compensators of a ve front curvature is investigated. Applications of the sensor for a real-time measurement semiconductor
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Beyond Conventional Adaptive Optics", proceeding of the conference
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Beyond Conventional Adaptive Optics " , proceeding of the conference held in Venice , on May 7 - 10 , 2001 , to be published by European Southern Observatory 11
    Beyond Conventional Adaptive Optics", proceeding of the conference held in Venice, on May 7-10
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      Simulation of a Layer-Oriented MCAO system
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