Lay Summaries for Research Articles: A Citizen Science Approach to Bridge the Gap in Access

  title={Lay Summaries for Research Articles: A Citizen Science Approach to Bridge the Gap in Access},
  author={Monica Duke},
The Patients Participate! project explored the feasibility of a citizen science approach to writing lay summaries for research articles. It involved a range stakeholders: funders of research (medical charities), service providers (the British Library), researchers and patients. Informed by practices within medical charities and the experiences of other citizen science projects, different methods were used to investigate trust, the skills required to produce a good lay summary, and the benefits… 

A protocol for co-creating research project lay summaries with stakeholders: guideline development for Canada’s AGE-WELL network

This paper presents a protocol for co-creating a lay summary co-creation protocol that AGE-WELL researchers will be invited to use and helps researchers collaborate with stakeholders effectively to co-produce lay summaries that meet the needs of both the public and project funders.

Emerging developments in citizen science: Reflecting on areas of innovation

This report explores areas of innovation in citizen science including in relation to new applications, methods used, approaches to recruiting participants and building capacity for citizen science.



Patients participate! Literature review:Usability and human factors in citizen science projects, and trust and credibility on the Web

This review was written for the Patients Participate! Project. The Patients Participate! Project is a 7-­‐month feasibility study to investigate bridging the gap between information access and

Technology-Mediated Citizen Science Participation: A Motivational Model

It is found that participation task granularity is correlated with motivation levels, and collective and intrinsic motives are the most salient motivational factors, whereas reward motives are less important for volunteers.

Designing for Doubt Citizen Science and the Challenge of Change

This paper outlines this important new shift in mobile phone usage – from communication tool to “networked mobile personal measurement instrument” and proposes to explore how these new personal measurement instruments enable an entirely novel and empowering genre of mobile computing and research called citizen science.

Galaxy Zoo: Exploring the Motivations of Citizen Science Volunteers.

The Galaxy Zoo citizen science website invites anyone with an Internet connection to participate in research by classifying galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. As of April 2009, more than

Citizen Science as a Tool for Conservation in Residential Ecosystems

Human activities, such as mining, forestry, and agriculture, strongly influence processes in natural systems. Because conservation has focused on managing and protecting wildlands, research has

The Lay Summary in medical research proposals – is it becoming more important? Poster presentation at Making an Impact

  • Annual Conference of the Association of Research Managers and Administrators,
  • 2010

How to Write a Lay Summary

  • DCC How-to Guides, Edinburgh: Digital Curation Centre
  • 2012