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Lawyer Distress: Alcohol-Related Problems and Other Psychological Concerns Among a Sample of Practicing Lawyers

  title={Lawyer Distress: Alcohol-Related Problems and Other Psychological Concerns Among a Sample of Practicing Lawyers},
  author={Connie J Beck and Bruce Dennis Sales and G. Andrew H. Benjamin},
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Best practices for managing burnout in attorneys
Sources and Reactions to Stress in Brazilian Lawyers
Job stress can negatively affect the health of employees. As such, the investigation of its characteristics in different professional categories is relevant. The aim in this study was to analyze the
Called to Counsel: Examining the Links Among Calling, Life Meaning, Life Satisfaction, and Burnout Among Law Students
Abstract Adapting the work as calling theory (WCT), the present study used path analysis to examine the relations among calling, person-environment fit (P-E fit), life meaning, living one’s calling,
Imperfectly perfect: Examining psychosocial safety climate's influence on the physical and psychological impact of perfectionism in the practice of law.
This two-wave longitudinal study examined whether psychosocial safety climate (PSC) may reduce perfectionist ideals and, in turn, improve employee well-being, and negatively influenced physical and psychological distress 2 months later directly and indirectly via socially prescribed perfectionism.
The Peculiarities of Career Crises of Lawyers: Psychological and Social Aspects
The article deals with the phenomenon of professional crisis of lawyers. The emotional burnout as its manifestation is examined; the importance of detection and psycho-correction of this phenomenon
Use of substances among professionals and students of professional programs: a review of the literature
Little is known about the effects of substance use on the performance or experience of professionals or students in professional programs, and research is required that incorporates qualitative methodologies, elicits anticipated and actual effects of substances use, including controlled and beneficial patterns of use.
How Environmental Lawyers Cope with Challenges in Nonprofit Legal Centers
Amidst our environmental crisis, environmental lawyers at nonprofit legal centers (NPLCs) play an important role in advocating for, revising, and enforcing the environmental laws which shape human
Looking beyond the mirror: Psychological distress; disordered eating, weight and shape concerns; and maladaptive eating habits in lawyers and law students.
A study of Australian legal professionals and law students suggests simple yet effective strategies law firms and law schools might adopt to support the mental health of their staff and students.
Soft Skills for the Effective Lawyer
In this groundbreaking book, Randall Kiser presents a multi-disciplinary, practice-based introduction to the major soft skills for lawyers: self-awareness, self-development, social proficiency,


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