Law of Contract

  title={Law of Contract},
  author={Laurence Koffman},
Persons Subject to the Duty of Confidentiality
  • Elza Reymond-Eniaeva
  • Business
    Towards a Uniform Approach to Confidentiality of International Commercial Arbitration
  • 2019
Once the sources of confidentiality obligations have been identified, it is important to catalogue the persons who can be bound by the duty of confidentiality and to determine the scope of their
Secured Finance Law in China and Hong Kong: Preface
1. Introduction 2. Security over tangible personal property 3. Security over intangible personal property 4. Company security over personal property 5. Hire-purchase, leasing and conditional sale of
Frustrated Contracts and Statutory Adjustment: The Case for a Reappraisal
The principle of frustration of contracts, so succinctly stated by Lord Radcliffe in Davis Contractors Ltd. v. Fareham U.D.C. , is now well settled and accepted in both Britain and Australia. Its
Advertising and Contract
After having acquired a prominent place in economic life—and therefore also in the life of law—advertising has begun to draw the attention of both law-maker and legal analyst. Indeed two fronts are
Legal Position of Click Wrap Agreement
Technological advancement in the communication industry over the last decade has given rise to consumers and parties to arrange their own business or contractual relations via the Internet. The foot