Law, Religion, and Constitution of the Vestal Virgins

  title={Law, Religion, and Constitution of the Vestal Virgins},
  author={Inge Kroppenberg},
  journal={Law & Literature},
  pages={418 - 439}
Abstract The aim of this paper is to put the Vestals at the center of legal, religious, and political life in the Roman republic as was done by lawyers, historians, and poets. With their virgin bodies they represented the separation of the legal, religious, and political spheres of Roman life, the domestication of raw power through division. As sovereign figures, the Vestals would wander freely among the religious world of the aedes Vestae, in which they were subject to the sacral jurisdiction… Expand
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Ritual and myth
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      There is no case recorded of a Vestal Virgin suspected or convicted because she was pregnant nor any case where a Vestal was charged with unchastity because she had been raped
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