Launched at 36,000g

  title={Launched at 36,000g},
  author={Johan L. van Leeuwen},
  pages={395 - 396}
Peat mosses project thousands of spores in a turbulent vortex ring from a millimeter-sized pressurized cylindrical capsule. Most mosses, including peat mosses of the genus Sphagnum (about 285 species), disperse their spores by turbulent wind (1). In still air, spores (22 to 45 µm in size) sink at only 0.5 to 2 cm/s, ideal for wind dispersal (2). However, spore capsules, positioned on a short stalk, grow to heights of about 1 cm and do not extend into the atmospheric turbulent boundary layer… 
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Seed ejection mechanism in an Oxalis species

With millions of years’ evolution, plants and fungi have developed a variety of ballistic dispersal structures for seeds or spores. One typical example is the catapult of an Oxalis sp., which can